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                                          the perfect companion to follow you in all your activities, whatever; hunting, the outdoors or your family outings. The French spaniel is versatility embodied!

The French Spaniel


"The French Spaniel is an elegant and athletic medium-sized dog. His magnificent white coat, with brown spots, may be slightly speckled. His beautiful large dark amber, oval-shaped eyes express smoothness and intelligence.


He shows a gentle and kind character. Very attached to his master, he fully develops his qualities by living with him. He is said to be balanced, frank, calm, docile and sociable with his fellows. Very patient with children, he loves to play without ever harming them. Unable to bite, he nevertheless warns his masters very well of the arrival of a stranger. He recognizes a family member after long months of absence. The French Spaniel is a wonderful family dog ​​and, thanks to his calm at home, he is an ideal companion in all circumstances. "

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