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Louka was born on January 27, 2018, resulting from the coupling of Gael de Lefaivre and Billy de Lefaivre.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Just as intense as he is passionate, his desire for the feather makes him magnificent to see in the woods. Athletic, proud and of a nobility specific to our breed, he does not fail to find the bird and to serve his fellow hunter with a report, regardless of the terrain.

Canine health information center

Louka passed the 1978 French Spaniel Club's conformation exam with the grade '' very promising ''.

In 2019, he obtained the title of FDJ junior hunting dog (Field Dog Junior) and at the same time, he also received the Espérance cup which crowns each year the best French spaniel of twenty-four (24) months or less having obtained, during the current year, the highest total of points accumulated for the success of each hunting test.

He is X-rayed of the OFA hips and is tested for the AMS and Lemon genes among others at Embark.

Roméo 2022
Roméo FDJ
Romeo au dodo
Roméo sortie hiver 2022
Roméo hiver 2020 2
Roméo hiver 2020
Roméo de la Vallée de la Seulles
bébé Roméo
À son arrivée à Montréal en juin 2020
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