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The French Spaniel


An iconic breed, the French Spaniel is a pointing dog, sometimes used as a companion dog. His powerful sense of smell and great endurance partly explain his impressive versatility, allowing him to work effectively in all types of environments. Elegant and harmonious, his well-muscled body rests on solidly upright limbs.

Origin: France

• Adapted character and living conditions

Gentle and docile, the French Spaniel is a pleasant companion, adaptable to many situations. He is generally patient with children.
His education should be carried out firmly but gently, and his teacher should give him a daily walk.

• Special note on the breed

The French Spaniel is a robust dog and generally blessed with excellent health.


- Hip dysplasia

Like many dogs of medium and large breeds, a small percentage of them can be affected by hip dysplasia.

This problem being genetic and environmental, it is important that at the base, the purchaser requires that the reproducers of the breeder chooses, have their certificates of the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). This, coupled with good living conditions and quality food, will give the next generations every chance to rule out this joint defect in our breed.

- Acral Mutilation Syndrome (AMS)

This recessive inherited disorder is rare but serious and disabling. Fortunately, it is easily detectable by DNA analysis. So it is easy to ensure the health of the unborn generation in this regard. Check with your breeder that the tests are done with his breeders.

• Maintains

Very little maintenance is needed for the French Spaniel. A simple weekly brushing is recommended. Also, due to the shape of its long ears which can retain moisture, it may be necessary to clean its ears occasionally.

• Anecdote

The French spaniel is a relatively old canine breed and its origin dates back to the Middle Ages, where its ancestors, the Oysel dogs, were used for hunting small game. He subsequently contributed to the emergence of several breeds of spaniel, still used today as pointers.

See also Standard of the breed

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