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Our breeding program

Puppy Culture

As breeders, we have a decisive impact on the development of a puppy because the first 12 weeks of life are very important. Puppy culture is a proven approach to breeding that makes a difference for puppies for the rest of their lives.



From the age of 3 days, we start the BioSensor program also called Early Neurological Stimulation. This program aims to awaken the senses of the puppy from an early age. By simple daily manipulations, they allow;

- Improving the performance of the cardiovascular system;

- Improving the functioning of the adrenal glands (these glands are responsible for keeping the body alert, better reaction and tolerance to stress);

- Better efficiency of the immune system.

To learn more about this program ,;




We are proud to breed our puppies with this amazing method.

To learn more about our breeding program contact us or click on the image below.

Puppy culture
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