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Be part of the family

All our dogs live with us in our house, in the heart of our family, all the time. Our puppies are born there and they stay there until they leave for yours, theirs. This makes them great companion dogs. Our dogs are our canine companions long before they are breeders. They are all registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Our females never have more than one litter per year. We breed for the love of this extraordinary breed and for our next generation. We care about the health and hunting skills of today's and tomorrow's French Spaniels. We test all of our breeders for hereditary diseases that can affect the breed and provide our families with copies of these health tests performed by specialists. Our dogs also respect the conformation standards specific to the breed.

All our puppies are microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club with a non-breeding agreement. We offer a guarantee for our puppies for a period of 36 months for hereditary diseases that may affect their quality of life. We pay special attention to the development of puppies. Their socialization occupies a very special place, it is decisive and will make the difference for the rest of their life. This is why we have chosen to apply the “ Puppy Culture ” breeding program. Also, they have several claw cuts and are used to different manipulations. They have the opportunity to share our living room in a playpen, rich in stimulation. They are therefore used to the daily noises of the household as they will find them in your home. They benefit from outdoor outings and moments of play with mom as well as our adult dogs who are excellent educators. We let our mothers wean their babies themselves, when they are ready. Once weaning is done, mom and babies still stay together. They visit the vet at their 7-8th week for the first vaccinations and general checkup. We administer the necessary dewormers to them according to the protocol of our veterinarian. A start of hunting impregnation is carried out with each. We assess them for their qualities for their work as a pointer, this role for which the breed exists and which they take contagious pleasure in.

We select our adoptive families with great care. Each interested family must first contact us via the link at the bottom of this page and then plan to come and meet us when we have chosen them for possible reservations. It is also important to take into account your mental, physical and financial health before deciding on your choice of adopting a dog. The first days with a puppy require a lot of energy and may disrupt your living and sleeping habits. The French Spaniel as an adult will be a strong dog, needing the great outdoors and daily physical and mental activities. He will also need to eat quality food that will contribute to his good health and regular monitoring with your veterinarian. He should be a full member of your family.

If you adopt a puppy from our kennel, you must agree not to choose the sex of your puppy. We of course take into account the preferences of our families but their way of life in relation to the temperament of each of our little ones for the best possible pairing is our priority. Our families trust us to make the best possible match. We live with our little ones every day for 10 weeks, we know them well. And of course, we take great care to get to know you too.

We are members of the French Spaniel Club of Quebec 1978, of the Canadian Kennel Club and of the Union of Quebec Canine Breeders. Visits for the breeding are by appointment only after telephone contact when your family is chosen with a view to a child available for you. Remember that we are a family and not a business ...

Note also that before and during the passage of the stork, we place our breeding in protection and refuse any visit before the 5th week of life of the puppies to avoid any stress to the mother and the risk of infections to the babies. But, on the other hand, be assured of our presence on our private Facebook page, reserved exclusively for our families, for sharing photos and videos!

For our adoptive families, we are always here to answer questions and offer you our advice. It gives us great pleasure and it is important for us, breeders, to accompany you throughout the life of your little one, whatever your needs.

We do not accept requests for puppies to give as gifts: adopting a puppy should be a wisely considered decision and agreed to by all members of a family. If you live far away from us and a flight needs to be booked for your little one to join you, you should also consider taking one for yourself and picking it up as hand baggage.


Do not forget to keep in mind that the French spaniel is a hunting dog, a sportsman and he moves! If you don't like the coat, although the French Spaniel does not have an undercoat, it loses some anyway! So maybe it's better to think about it again. The French spaniel should not be shaved. If that's your wish, go with a breed that needs this type of grooming. The French spaniel also has a need for intellectual activity. They should also be offered the opportunity to meet their need for chewing. Your dog will need education. If you are inexperienced, consider planning to sign up for a class with your future 4-legged friend. His education will require time, patience, rigor and consistency. The behavior of your dog will be the result of his genetic characteristics, of the work that we will have accomplished with him but also a result of the environment that you will offer him and especially of the learning that you will teach him.

We look forward to meeting you and speaking “French Spaniel” with you!

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