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Seriously interested in a little

De L'Archer'O ?

- Is your decision fully considered, as much for you as for all the members of your family?

- Did you know well about the breed?

- Are you determined to invest energy , time and money to care for and meet the needs of a French Spaniel?

We would love to hear from you!

The following questionnaire will allow us to learn a little about you and your motivations for adding a French Spaniel to your family. Your candidacy will be asked for the adoption of a small De L'Archer'O.

** When you fill out this form from our website, as part of the process, the personal information you give us will only be used for the specific reasons mentioned above. **

Answer our questionnaire

Thank you!

We add you to our list of interested families and will contact the selected families when we make the selection for our next babies.

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